Apple wants you to be double sure about your app subscriptions, here’s how

Apple is a couple of months away from introducing a new ios version, presumably the iOS 13 but it has rolled out a major feature beforehand. The fruit company has finally seeded what can be called as a solution to prevent users from subscribing to apps mistakenly. Now, you will see an additional pop up confirming that the subscriptions will continue unless canceled. The text states;

Apple wants you to be double sure about your app subscriptions, here’s how

“The subscription will continue unless canceled in setting at least one day before a subscription period ends,” states the pop-up. This was found by David Barnard, a twitter user. He added that the second confirmation is not required in cases where you need to double click the side button and the FaceID is used to approve the purchase. This will surely cut down on accidental subscriptions.

It is interesting to see that Apple has brought this change not as a part of an iOS update and just before iOS 13. The company could’ve brought it as a part of the next major version of the app but bringing it before do tell us apple took this issue too seriously.

Apple’s iOS 13 will probably come with the new version of macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Apple will be hosting its annual developer’s conference — worldwide Developers conference — between June 3 and 7 in San Jose, California at McEnery convention center.

Apple’s tagline for the 2019 WWDC is “Write code. blow minds” along with an image of a robot, signifying the importance of artificial intelligence. Like always, the prime focus for all WWDC events is iOS for iPads and iPhones. It is expected that Apple could allow iPad and iPhone apps to the macOS in a big way and not just for a few apps. There is not much known on the features that will be coming in these upcoming OS versions.


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