List of Upcoming movies of Vin Diesel 2019 &2020

Vin Diesel. Upcoming movies of Vin Diesel 2019 & 2020 we all heard this name once in our life some might heard this name a lot of time, well the name itself is so famous that it can enough to make any picture a blockbuster hit. Vin Diesel a famous and a successful name in the Hollywood industry, has a huge fan following all over the world. He was born with a name called Mark Sinclair on July 18, 1967, and later get famous by name called VIN DIESEL. There is no doubt in this that he is one of the biggest action stars on the planet and he is well known for the quality of getting into any roles easily and performing it in the best way. This great American actor has molded himself in so many different roles in a meanwhile has proved himself the greatest actor by doing so, his name is enough to make a movie a hit or even a blockbuster hit. He makes his debut at the age of 7 in children play Dinosaur Door, which was written by Barbara Garson. Vin Diesel had already given us a lot of movies in past years like the fast and furious series, triplex series, find me guilty, guardians of the galaxy and so on and now also he is ready to give us a package of blockbuster hits in near future. Here the question that might hit your mind is what are the Upcoming movies of Vin Diesel 2019 & 2020? So here we have prepared for you the list of Upcoming movies of Vin Diesel 2019 & 2020 a screenwriter and a producer.

List of Upcoming movies of Vin Diesel 2019 & 2020


Fast and furious 9

Here is good news for fast and furious series fans. Vin Diesel is coming back with a new series named fast and furious 9. The movie is going to be released in the year 2020 in which Vin is returning as Dominic Toretto. Chris Ludacris Bridges[ Tej ] and Michelle Rodrigues[ Letty ] all are returning with Jordana Brewster confirmed to return as Dom’s sister Mia.


Well, there is great news for the fans of a triplex, the wait is over Vin Diesel is returning with the sequel of the return of Xander cage which was a blockbuster hit worldwide. XXX franchise is planning to make a sequel to XXX: the return of Xander Cage. However, not much is known about the plot and the scriptwriter but DJ Caruso will direct the movie. The movie is supposed to be released in December 2019.


Muscle is an action comedy movie in which Vin Diesel will be starring in the STX production. Well, there is not much known about this movie at this point of time but Vin and Samantha Vincent will be producing the film along with Reginald Hudlin and Byron Phillips. STX chairman has said something about working with Vin Diesel, this is what he said, ” I have known Vin for more than a decade after working closely with him on the fast and furious franchise, and I am excited for him to return to this genre.”

The Last Witch Hunter 2

As per the sayings of Vin Diesel, the last witch hunter sequel is definitely going to happen with Vin Diesel. In this movie Diesel is doing the role of an ageless warrior who fights against magic-wielding begins. The plot of the movie is known at this time but universal is keen on reviving the franchise. In the first part of the movie Diesel was a kaulder, an ancient witch hunter who is cursed by the queen of witches with immorality never to be united with his loved ones in the afterlife.

Crushers club

Crusher club is based on boxing which means it is a boxing drama film which will be produced by Vin Diesel. The story of the movie will be revolving around a boxing gym which serves as a second home for kids residing in the toughest neighborhood in Chicago struggling for survival.

Fast and the furious 10

Back to back the two series of fast and furious is going to be released, first fast and furious 9 and after this fast and furious 10. This will be a complete package for fast and furious series fans as well as the fans of Diesel but this also the bad news because this fast and furious 10 will be the final film of the franchise, which has been ruling our hearts for the last 16 years. The movie is supposed to be released in 2021 with no details about the releasing date. Director Justin Lin Will will return to direct the final film.


Good news Riddick fans, Vin Diesel is returning with two projects one of them will be a film titled “Furia” And the other will be a tv series “Merc City”. Director Twohy will be back as a director, who previously directed Pitch Black and brought out a great performance from Vin Diesel, which is considered to his best works.


Valiant Comics universe is coming up with Vin Diesel in Bloodshot movie. Diesel and Neal H. Moritz is producing the movie. The movie is revolving around the plot of a former soldier who has the power to regenerate. The star cast of the movie includes Diesel along with Johannes Haukur Johannesson, Eiza Gonzalez, Michael Sheen, Sam Heughan, Talulah Riley and Alex Hernandez.

Hannibal The Conqueror

This is basically a movie in which Diesel is passionate to work on a project called Carthaginian commander Hannibal. As per the sources, this is Vin Diesel passion project. Although not much is clear about this first film as per inside sources, Diesel is very interested in finding a great and experienced director to make it a great hit.

Conclusion of Upcoming movies of Vin Diesel 2019 & 2020

List of some of the Upcoming movies of Vin Diesel 2019 & 2020 is mentioned above. This will definitely help you if you are looking for upcoming movies of Vin Diesel.



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