Top 3 bicep exercises to build muscle

Top 3 bicep exercises to build muscle

Top 3 bicep exercises to build muscle:

Top 3 bicep exercises to build muscle

So guys here are the top 3 bicep exercise recently my Million of  fans asked about this exercise so I decide to launch bodybuilding program.In this program i gonna tell you all about bodybuilding program.

So let started every wanted to build the huge bicep to impress girls,friends and all that after seeing this you can increase your bicep .As we all know that bicep is the most famous body muscles in the body.Before you gonna hit this exercises the gym you should also take care of your diet because without you gonna not build the muscle because all know that muscle need protein, size, victims.if you wanted my diet plan you can comment me  down then i gonna make  diet plan.

Exercises that i am going to show these are most famous exercise.From the age 10 on every man and adult and hit these exercises.

 Exercise 1

 1.Barbell Curl

Top 3 bicep exercises to build muscle

Barbell curl is the best curl exercises for the bicep exercise.It helps both for the short or long hand is more comfortable exercise for the joints and forearms.

How to perform:

1.You have to stand properly with your back straight and you have to see straight with your eyes.

2.Hold the rod with your hands keep your both arms equal.

3.Lift the rod up to your chin then down while performing the Barbell curl only your arms should in motion and do not move rest of your body.

4. Quantity: 3-4 sets of 15,12, 10, 8 repetitions each.30 sec rest between the sets.

Exercise 2

1.Concentration Curls

Top 3 bicep exercises to build muscle

Concentration curls is the best exercise for the bicep because this exercise put huge stress on the biceps which help to build it large.

How to perform:

1.In the concentration curl first you have to bend you legs and hold the dumbbell in your one hand and another hand your knee and put your back straight.

2.lift the dumbbell toward your chin and then take it down toward the knees.

3.Quantity:3 sets of 15, 12, 10 repetitions.

Exercise 3

1.Hummer curls

Top 3 bicep exercises to build muscle

Hammer curls are targeted at the brachialis, and help to develop bicep thickness, forearms, and overall grip strength which help the upper arms and your wrist to build it help

How to perform;

1.The hammer curls is performed at the standing position.

2.Hold the dumbbell in your both hands and lift it up and down.

3.Quantity:3 sets of 15,12,10 repetitions.

This the best and top  3 bicep exercise. before you hit this exercise you should watch first motivation video and bodybuilding video and if want my diet plan comment below.




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