What is Cough | Causes, Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatment of Cough

So Today i am going to tell you about What is Cough | Causes, Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatment of Cough:

What is Cough

Cough is the physiological mechanism to protect the respiratory system from infection and invasion of foreign body.

What is Cough | Causes, Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatment of Cough

Causes of Cough

Affecting Larynx

  • Acute and chronic laryngitis.
  • Growth, tuberculosis or syphilis of larynx.

Affecting Trachea or bronchi

  • Acute tracheobronchitis may be due to specific fevers, measles.pertussis.
  • foreign bodies.
  • Cigarette smoking.

Affecting Lungs

  • Pneumonias, pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Secondary new growth, hydatid

Due to Heart diseases

  • Pulmonaryoedema due to lVF in hypertension
  • Pulmonary congestion in mitral stenosis

Other Causes

  • Due to sub diphragmatic causes e.g; subdiaphragmatic abscess etc.
  • Psychological as a habit spasm.

Symptoms of Cough

Cough is the leading Symptoms in laryngitis, tracheobronchitis and pneumonia.in acute laryngitis cough is accompanied with hoarseness of voice. in acute trocheobronchitis cough is unproductive, painful at first with retrosternal pain. later on sutum becomes mucoid. profuse and purulent.In pneumococcal pneumonia cough may be short, painful and only slightly productive.Later on it may become rusty due to blood stains. In viral pneumonia cough not appear until patient has been febrile.In pertusis cough is paroxysmal in bouts which may last for a minute or two and results in vomiting.in severe paroxysm the child may become cyanosed.

Duration of Cough

  • chronic irregular cough from childhood may due to bronchiectasis.
  • In children if cough is persistent and recuurent there be cystic condition.
  • The morning cough is due to pharygo-tracheobronchitis in cigarette smokers.
  • A Cough with dyspnoea or orthopnoea, waking the patient from sleep is suggestive of left ventricular failure in hypertension, aortic valvular disease or cardio renal disease.

Dry Cough

Dry cough is suggestive of conditions not associated with excessive secretion in the respiratory tract.chronic mediastinal tumours and growth of bronchus produce dry cough.Frankly purulent sputum suggests bronchiectasis,lung abscess or cavity of pulmonary tuberculosis.cough of laryngitis will be accompanied by change of voice.

Treatment of Cough

Honey is the best to reduce the cough because honey is simply coated with foodpipe and resulting in less irritation. Codeine, dextromethorphan, and drugs are taken by the victims.

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cough should avoid oily food and cold food.



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